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DIXIX - Facial Cleansing Brush with LED Light/ DIXIX - 光姬潔面儀

DIXIX - Facial Cleansing Brush with LED Light/ DIXIX - 光姬潔面儀

DIXIX - Facial Cleansing Brush with LED Light


Glamorous Bright Look Everyday!

A perfect tool to remove your facial impurities and get yourself a glamorous great look. Carefully selected soft sharp bristle brush to help remove all dirt or make up on face comfortably with ease. With different color light modes, your skin shall be further restored and regenerated for healthy glowing skin.


Product Highlights:

  • Suitable for Different Skin Type 

Different brush lengths are offered to cater different skin type. Long hair brush is more suitable for sensitive skin; short hair brush is for normal type skin. All brushes come with well-vented cover for easy storage and travel.

  • One-minute Timer

No more stress for over-brushing your face. An intelligent timer is built-in to automatically shut off after 1- minute.

  • Selected Pulsing Color Lights with Diffuser Plate
  1. Red pulsing light - ideal for regenerating collagen, tightening skin and making skin more elastic.
  2. Blue pulsing light - disinfect disrupted skin e.g. acne; reduces inflammation.
  3. Red + Blue pulsing light - complete restores and regenerates healthy glowing skin.
  • Versatile with USB Dock Charge

Simply dock back into charging base for USB recharge. Versatile and travel friendly.



  • Ergonomic Design: Good Grip
  • Washable Head
  • Wet/Dry Use
  • Product Dimension: 243 x 150 x 65 mm
  • Product Weight: 477g
  • Others: Recharging Light Indicator
  • Accessories included: Charging Stand


DIXIX- 光姬潔面儀







  • 適合多種膚質



  • 60秒智能清潔提醒



  • 光學護膚,美出嬌嫩肌膚
  1. 紅光沖脈模式 - 啟動膠原,深入滲透至真皮層溫熱,加快肌膚迴圈,促進細胞再生,緊致肌膚使皮膚嫩滑。
  2. 藍光沖脈模式 - 淡痘淨膚,作用於肌膚表層,細化毛孔,修護痘痘肌膚。
  3. 紅藍光沖脈模式 - 修復受損細胞,提高肌底活力,讓肌膚恢復充盈潤澤的彈性狀態。


  • USB 感應充電




  • 人體工程學設計,舒適手感
  • 可水洗頭
  • 乾濕兩用
  • 產品尺寸:243 x 150 x 65毫米
  • 產品重量:477克
  • 充電指示燈
  • 含配件:充電座



*Delivery Fee is to be paid by the customer upon receiving the product(s) sent by courier. 產品速遞運費到付.


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