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Orthodox Board Game - Dice Game / 骰棋

Orthodox Board Game - Dice Game / 骰棋

Orthodox Board Game - Dice Chess

An abstract strategy game with no story nor world setting, only game rules.

Utilizing the property of the 6-sided die, DiceChess adds a new type of move, "Change", to the

chess-type game. By transferring pips from one die to another, one can make surprise attacks.



Each player has 11 dice:

  • "Move": Each number face has its unique movement pattern.
  • "Change": Redistribute pips between 2 dice to change their movement patterns.
  • You can even relocate the "1" die this way!
  • Winning condition: Capture the opponent's "1" die.
  • Trilingual (Chinese/English/Japanese) instructions included.



Hong Kong Smart Design Awards 2019 - Bronze

Hong Kong SME Innovation Award 2019 - Excellence

Made in Hong Kong Toys Awards 2019 - Bronze


Orthodox Board Game - 骰棋






每人 11 顆骰子:

  • 「行棋」各點數的骰子有其特定的行法
  • 「變骰」把所選骰子的點數變遷改變其行法及位置。
  • 勝負:吃掉對方《一點骰子》為勝。
  • 內附多國語言說明書 (繁體中文/英文/日文)



香港智營設計大賞2019 - 銅獎

香港中小企創新大獎2019 - 傑出獎

香港製造玩具大賞2019 - 銅獎


*HK Local Delivery Fee 本地運費: HK$30*


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