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April4Design - Count Down Card - Xmas Set/ 倒數卡組 - 聖誕組

April4Design - Count Down Card - Xmas Set/ 倒數卡組 - 聖誕組

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April4Design - Count Down Card - Xmas Set

Do you remember the excited moment you cannot wait to? Birthday? New Year? Wedding? Journey? Concert? This count down card is for sharing the joy of the big day by tearing off the card one by one and then scratch off the special gold scratch sticker.

Let’s count it down and get the hidden message! Enjoy!


*Product Size: 100x100mm

*Transparent envelope x4pc & Gold scratch sticker x4pc



April4Design - 倒數卡組 - 聖誕組

有多小重要而興奮的時刻令你忍不住快點來臨? 今年聖誕節讓人將這份期待與人分享, 寫上分別四行的信息, 貼上可刮走的金色貼紙, 放入信封送給他/她。 收卡者由第四天開始倒數,每撕下一片就刮開一行信息, 到最後就可以完整看到你四天的hidden message! ....3.. 2..1!!! 一齊期待那興奮的時刻! 產品包括一套四款的倒數卡連四張刮刮貼紙及四個信封。來讓包括裝作雪人的北極熊, 裝作北極熊的雪人, 掛上聖誕頭飾的小鹿, 及帶上聖誕帽的薑餅人 為你四出送上聖誕的祝福吧!


*尺寸: 100x100mm

*內附透明信封x4 及 金色刮刮貼紙 x4



*When this item is purchased alone, the delivery fee is to be paid by the customer upon receiving the product(s) sent by courier (SF Express).

*Free Delivery when the customer purchases other April4 Design's products worth HK$200 or above in a single order.


*如只購買此貨品, 順豐速運 SF Express 運費將由顧客直接支付(運費到付).

*如於同一訂單內購買其他 April4 Design 貨品滿HK$200則免收速遞運費.


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