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Concrete incense stick holder with brass (long+rectangle) - grey

Concrete incense stick holder with brass (long+rectangle) - grey

ShabibiSheepWorkshop - Concrete incense stick holder with brass (long+rectangle) - grey


*incense stick excluded

This is a handcrafted creation.

Incense, something about lifestyle.

Concrete, people usually relate it to the material for infrastructure only which is
covered by paint or other more high-value material in most of the time that it
existence probably being forgotten.

Incense holder and concrete with values in two different dimensions and
creativity is here to linking up these two items

The concrete incense holder is in the authentic concrete grey. We are not using
any pigment during the process nor put on coating to finish off. We would like to
keep the authentic look of the concrete as well as achieving minimalism.

The brass part with holes in several sizes to fit different style of incense sticks. It
is also a separated item with the concrete base, this eases the cleaning.

[Measurement of the item]
23.8 cm x 5.6 cm
Height is 3 cm
Weight in 285g

[A little note that you may wanna know]
This item is a fair faced concrete item means no further treatment other than
curing. No painting nor patching to cover up any defects.
If water splashes on it, it turns a bit dark but after a while, you can see the
original color. If its tea or coffee go on it then stains lasts.
Tiny little bubble is expected. For those who have concern on the bubble, then
we are afraid concrete may not be your choice
For those creations solely in grey, since those are handcrafted and due to the
characteristic of concrete, there is possibility that the grey tone may not be
To clean it, simply use a clean cloth with clear water, no cleansing material is
needed. Kind reminder, cleansing material often with color that the color will
leave the mark on the items




水泥 x 黃銅 香座

座部: 23.8 厘米 x 5.6 厘米
高度: 3厘米
重量: 285克


• 水泥接觸到水之後,表面會略為深色,過了一會,水份乾了,作品會呈現原本
• 作品表面會有微細的氣泡,對於一些非常討厭氣泡的人,那你要想想可能水泥
• 雖然這是一件純灰色的作品,但由於是人手製造及水泥的特質,整個鐘面不會
• 要清潔其實很簡單,只需要用乾淨的抺布及清水,並不需要加任何洗潔精。洗



Shabibi Sheep Workshop, brand from Hong Kong, founded in 2015 focusing on fair faced concrete* creations by Sharon Yeung and Vincent Woo. The creations have the authentic look and feel of concrete retained, that brings a sense of Nordic minimalism.

Creations include:
Art: concrete x resin art
Home: coffee table, clocks (on wall and on desk), pendent lights, vases, concrete x dried branches deco (upcycling idea), tray
Lifestyle: concrete candles, concrete x brass incense holders
Jewellery: necklace, bracelet, earrings

All creations are designed and handcrafted in Hong Kong by Sharon and Vincent.


Shabibi Sheep Workshop 於 2015 年創立,香港品牌,專注清水模水泥創作,營造簡約的北歐風格。

Sharon 及 Vincent,品牌創辦人及設計師,所有作品由他倆手工製作。






*Delivery Fee is to be paid by the customer upon receiving the product(s) sent by courier. 產品速遞運費到付.


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