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Camel -Glass Vacuum Portable Tea Brewer/駱駝牌-真空玻璃膽便攜式附茶隔泡茶保溫杯

Camel -Glass Vacuum Portable Tea Brewer/駱駝牌-真空玻璃膽便攜式附茶隔泡茶保溫杯

Camel - Glass Vacuum Portable Tea Brewer 


BREW 35T is a brand-new tea infusing tumbler with an innovative approach to brewing tea on the go. Featuring Camel's classic scalloped groove aesthetic and double-wall vacuum glass insulation technology, BREW 35T takes on a minimalistic and clean design with modern color selections like silver and pink.  The spill-resistant tumbler's design features a collapsible tea infuser that fits snuggly inside the thermoplastic serving cup, which is engineered with a concealed magnet cover that allows it to snap on securely to the tumbler. 

The tea infuser is made of 304 stainless steels and has a fine mesh which allows for the precise filtration of tea leaves and creating smoother tea taste. Additionally, the food grade silicone spout ensures safe and easy operation of the tumbler without issues of spillage. Brewing a perfect cup of tea is an art form. BREW 35T is the answer, keeping your tea hot or cold throughout the day- all in one revolutionary design.


Capacity: 350mL

Color: Baby Pink / Silver


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新款保溫瓶採用更簡約的設計和富現代感的顏色,包括銀色和粉紅色,同時亦保留了 [駱駝牌] 的經典坑紋設計。保溫瓶上的熱塑性塑料杯,可放入由 304不銹鋼製成的可摺疊茶隔,方便儲存及攜帶。杯蓋裏安裝了磁石,可讓杯子牢固地固定在瓶蓋或瓶身上。用家亦可選擇將保溫瓶和杯子分離,當作普通隨行保溫瓶使用,根據用家需要增加靈活性。茶隔上具有小於 0.1mm 的精密濾孔除了可更精確過濾茶葉,也可使飲用口感更順滑。瓶口由防水食品級矽膠製成,確保在打開或關閉時能安全並輕易地操作。該設計使泡茶變得方便,而玻璃內膽可隨時隨地保持冷熱溫度,提供更好的泡茶體驗。


容量: 350 毫升

顏色:BB粉紅 / 銀色

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