Blue Moon Workshop 藍月工作坊 (3 hrs)

Blue Moon Workshop 藍月工作坊 (3 hrs)

藍月工作坊 Blue Moon Workshop 


<藍月> Cut N Carve的原創之一, 靈感來自”Once in a Blue Moon”, 隱喻不常發生的事件。 這獨特的藍月天文現象只有兩至三年才出現一次,如今在Cut N Carve工作坊可利用蠟燭的藝術造型親手塑造出來。每個作品獨一無二,優雅浪漫, 尤其亮燈時就更能特顯其精巧细致的手工。這件藝術蠟燭擺設你能錯過嗎?



* 參加者會完成兩件作品

* 包括一個藍月(8cm in diameter) 和一個星空球蠟燭(7cm in diameter)


What to expect

* 每學員之堂費為$590/

* 包括LED (不包括轉盤)

* 制作時間約3小時

* 工作坊提供多種顏色和fragrance選擇

* Fragrance包括多種天然香薰油和從澳大利亞進口的高質素香油,符合IFRA標準,不含鄰苯二甲酸酯



  • 程序安全簡單,適合10歲或以上的年齡。
  • 10歲以下的參與者需要家長指導, 是親子活動的好選擇。
  • 如上課前2小時懸掛黑色暴雨或8號颱風信號,當日課程將自動取消並會重新安排上課時間。
  • 切記準時,因遲到將不獲補鐘。缺席、遲到1小時或以上將被視為棄權,不獲安排替代課程。
  • 課堂上嚴禁錄影。
  • 上課期間有機會拍照並保留用於宣傳用途。
  • 上課地點: 香港九龍紅磡民裕街37-45號凱旋工商中心第1期6樓6A2 16室 





<Blue Moon> - one of Cut N Carve's original wax arts. Inspired by the quote "Once in a Blue Moon", a metaphor for infrequent events. This unique astronomical phenomenon appears once every two to three years and can now be created at Cut N Carve workshop to set off this charming moonlight. Each piece is unique and elegantly displayed with its LED light.  An artistic wax décor you do not want to miss.



* Participants will complete two wax arts

* Including a blue moon (8cm in diameter) and a galaxy candle (7cm in diameter)


What to expect

*The tuition fee for each student is $590/person

*Include one LED light

*Class duration is about 3 hours

 * Various colors and fragrance options

 * High-quality fragrances are directly imported from Australia, which meet IFRA standards and do not contain phthalates


【Other information】

  • The procedure is safe and simple, suitable for ages of 10 or older.
  • Participants under the age of 10 need parental guidance.
  • In the event of a black rainstorm or typhoon signal No. 8 being hoisted 2 hours before class, the class will be cancelled automatically and the class time will be rescheduled.
  • Participants are expected to be punctual and late arrivals are not allotted extra time. If being late for 1 hour or more will be regarded as no-show and no alternate class will be arranged.
  • Video recording is strictly prohibited in class.
  • Cut N Carve reserves the right to take photos
  • Workshop venue: Room 16 6A2 6/F, Kaiser Estate (Phase 1), 37-42 Man Yue Street, Hung Hom, Kowloon, HK


***【Workshop reservation procedure】***

Customers will receive an email from the workshop tutor within 3 working days to confirm the final workshop date and details.


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  • 特別安排 Special Arrangements


    In case of typhoon signal No. 3 (or higher) or the rainstorm Red warning Signal (or higher) is hoisted at or after 11:00 a.m., the class will be cancelled automatically and will be rescheduled. 



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