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AXIS X ByLeona- Ceramic Watch (Jade color strap) / 陶瓷手錶 (碧綠色錶帶)

AXIS X ByLeona- Ceramic Watch (Jade color strap) / 陶瓷手錶 (碧綠色錶帶)

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AXIS X ByLeona Ceramic Watch (Jade color strap)

This is the first collaborated watch project between AXIS and by Leona. We break the convention and integrate the ceramic technology of watch and houseware. Axis is the first local brand to launch ceramic watch and the AXIS by Leona collaborated watch is the world’s first ceramic watch with pattern. 

We used the octagonal bezel to imply auspiciousness, and designed five different patterns, each meaningful pattern with different blessing. When you wear a watch, this also represented our blessings and passion.

The watch is made with high-standard materials and craftsmanship.  

Stainless Steel case; each watch included two pieces of high-tech ceramic bezels with interchangeable construction; consumer can interchange the bezel easily. Anti-glare; scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. The dial is composed of natural high-quality rare Mother Of Pearl (MOP) and brass metal. In order to make the dial more layered, the craftsman has finely carved the hemp leaf pattern on the 0.35mm brass metal to make details of the watch perfectly; the crown was integrated in the case. 

The strap is made of high-quality genuine leather material, and different patterns are silk printed on the strap to make the watch more artistic; stainless steel buckle.  Water resistant 3 Bar (about 30 meters). 

This collection with 4 styles, each style will be packed in octagonal Bone China gift box with different unique pattern. 



  • 38mm Stainless Steel Case.
  • Sapphire lens 
  • 2 difference pattern of Ceramic Bezel for interchange
  • Genunine Leahter 
  • Japan movt 
  • Water resistant 3 Bar
  • Packed with Bone China Box 



AXIS X ByLeona 陶瓷手錶 (碧綠色錶帶)


AXIS 和 by Leona 首次合作的聯成系列,我們希望打破常規, 把手錶及家具的陶瓷技術聯成。AXIS是首個推出陶瓷手錶的本地品牌, 而AXIS by Leona聯成系列也是世界首款把燒花陶瓷技術溶入於手錶上

我們使用了八角型的錶圈寓意吉祥, 並設計了五款不同的圖案,每個圖案都帶著不同的含義,不同的祝福,當你帶著手錶的同時亦帶著我們的祝福。



精鋼表殼, 每款手表配有兩個可更換結構的高科技陶瓷表圈,令客人可以輕鬆簡易地更換錶圈,配襯不同的服飾。防眩光及抗磨損藍寶石水晶 。錶盤由天然高級稀有珍珠貝及銅製金屬片組合而成,為了令表盤更有層次感,工匠在0.35mm厚的銅片把麻葉紋精細地縷空出來。工程師巧妙地將表冠收藏於錶殼內,令手錶更一體化。

選用了優質的真皮皮料製作錶帶,並在錶帶絲印上獨特設計的圖案,令手錶更有藝術感; 精鋼表扣, 生活防水深度3巴( 約30米)。


這系列的手表以骨瓷盒作為禮盒, 同樣地,盒字是以八角型設計, 整個系列有4款手錶, 每款均配有獨特圖案的盒子。



  • 精鋼表殼 38MM
  • 防眩光抗磨损合成藍寶石表鏡
  • 配有兩款不同圖案的陶瓷圈給客人自行更換
  • 真皮表帶. 
  • 日本製造石英機芯
  • 生活防水深度3巴( 約30米)
  • 配骨瓷盒




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