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AlexKingAtelier - Journal de Chic / 旅行手帳

AlexKingAtelier - Journal de Chic / 旅行手帳

AlexKingAtelier - Journal de Chic

Designer  intends to share the art of travelling by capturing the unusual moment to reflect the characteristics of major cities with other angles. Inspired by street culture, expressive, stylish and florescent splash being adopted where “X-X-X” implies those cities visited we put a cross symbol on the world map. Young adult can input the longitude and latitude that are already printed over the unique color strap in order to explore the suggested mysterical scene through internet. It allows an alternative way to explore life experience and promote active living. This is a series of twelve travel journals depicting six major cities, in terms of living culture, object of desires, religions, needs and wants, love and hope. New episode will be launched to the market in 2021.

Awards: iF Product Design Award 2021 & Red Dot Design Award 2020


AlexKingAtelier - 旅行手帳





豐富而有意義的印刷技巧亦能把日誌帶到更高層次,手帳內頁亦附有小型世界地圖,是一本回頭率極高的日誌。因以不同城市作為主題,產品本身的可造性和延伸性也比較強,特別是一些鮮為人知的國度。 翻開手帳,可以文字記錄過往旅程的遊歷感想,享受頃刻旅遊滋味。


得獎獎項:2021 德國iF產品設計獎 及 2020 德國紅點設計大獎


12 Options to choose from:

St. Petersburg Series 1 – Flea Market   (Pink)

St. Petersburg Series 2 – Porcelain Lady    (Orange)

Jerusalem Series 1 – Dead Sea and Me (Orange)

Jerusalem Series 2 – Wailing Wall    (Yellow)

New York 1 –Guggenheim Museum   (Pink)

New York 2 –Statue of Liberty     (Yellow)

Bangkok Series 1 – Traffic  (Green)

Bangkok Series 2 – Green Market    (Green)

Istanbul Series 1 – Ancient City     (Orange)

Istanbul Series 2 – Mosque     (Green)

Seoul Series 1 – Shoemaker    (Pink)

Seoul Series 2 – Unnamed Old Town    (Pink)



*Free HK local delivery 香港本地免運費.


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