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AlexKingAtelier - One Hero in One City! /  一城一傑 (2021 Calendar)

AlexKingAtelier - One Hero in One City! / 一城一傑 (2021 Calendar)

AlexKingAtelier - One Hero in One City! - 2021 Calendar

Designer deliberately identified one greatest hero in one city so as to pay tribute to their major contribution to art, science, religion and society in the past few decades. Selected heroes were born in different cities across the world in different eras, including Florence, Marion, London, San Francisco and here in Hong Kong. The high contrast complimentary colors offer a strong visual impact to audience while they were looking at details of the graphics.


This Letterpress Calendar is unique and like no other. Every single piece of work is original, and hand printed by a local artisan that the flow of ink on fine cotton paper as well as the pressure inserted will not be identical each time. This gives us a sense of human touch when we tried to get some haptic feedback of the product.


Apart from the holidays showing on each month in magenta, we can see a black circle which is the memorial day of each respective hero. People can show respect to our world’s greatest heroes and get prepared for the day.


Product Details:

Calendar comes with a wooden stand to hold the paper card we tore off each month and allow us to change along with time. It comes with a fine, contemporary chic packaging to offer new experience of luxury at museum class.



AlexKingAtelier - 一城一傑 - 2021年月曆







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