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About BeLife.Store

We are a new online retail platform for HK Brands with products including design stationeries, home accessories, handcrafted items, healthy & lifestyle products, and artistic/experience workshops, etc.

Business Model + Fees

  • Drop-ship: when an order is placed, you will receive an Order Notice containing delivery information. You will have all the information you need to handle the shipping.

  • Listing Fee & Commission: we offer to our consignees is competitive, as we set a low initial listing fee and commission rate based on each transaction.

Marketing Support

We make it simple to unload your pressure and make your fortune at the same time. At BeLife, our experienced experts offer savvy go-to-market strategies. We help sell stories, build brands, and offer both online and offline strategic promotion service support. Please be rest assured that we will bring your products /and services to the market and into the spotlight.

If you are interested in collaborating with BeLife.Store, please contact us HERE OR send an email to OR give us a call at +852-53395243 to learn more about BeLife's operation and explore business opportunities. 


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